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Welcome to pay attention to the professional manufacturer of western diameter forging titanium material - Topa Titanium Industry, we provide titanium and titanium alloy thick-walled tubes, bars (round, square, flat), stepped shafts, shaped tubes, mainly used in offshore engineering equipment. , oil and gas exploration, aviation, medical, chemical, petroleum and other fields.

We sincerely thank every friend who cares about Topa Titanium. Thanks to your understanding and trust, care and support, Topa Titanium has developed steadily. Tuopuda Titanium Industry will not bear the heavy burden, insist on innovation and progress in the processing of titanium materials, overcome the difficulties of science and technology, and realize the new glory with the industrial development of titanium. In this process, we have not slacked off, and always interpret the development concept of “Tuopu Tianxia, Dachengcheng” with gratitude and professionalism.

We have established the enterprise spirit of "unity, development, dedication, and forge ahead". We have adopted world-standard technical equipment and learned from advanced management experience. We have gradually become one of the forefront of western diameter forging titanium materials in terms of technology, scale and management. We will work hard to develop the industry, start from scratch, start from ourselves to enhance our products and services, and build a people-oriented harmonious enterprise and society. We will continue to move towards internationalization to provide our own pride and value orientation in titanium products and services of international quality.

As a core development concept of our company, we have been striving to fulfill such vows: to pass on value honor, trust and respect, and mission commitment to employees; to transfer equal cooperation and sincere reciprocity to partners; continue Adhering to the quality and security of the credibility of the quality of the purpose. For the brilliant future of the titanium industry, my colleagues and I will be diligent and unwavering!

We are willing to join hands with all our friends, unite and forge ahead, and create a better future!