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Breakthrough in the forging process of key parts of large titanium alloys and aluminum alloys

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A few days ago, as one of the important contents of the national science and technology major project of "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment", the research on the "large-scale key forging process technology" undertaken by China Second Heavy-Duty Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. has made significant progress.

It is reported that the focus of the project is on the hot die forging near net forming technology of large-scale aviation die forgings. Combined with the 800MN large die forging press under construction, the company has developed a new net forming technology for complex precision forgings of aviation, and solved the basic common technology of large die forging process. Key technical issues. Breaking through the integral forming technology of large titanium alloy and aluminum alloy forgings, testing basic data of typical titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and high strength steel for aviation, meshless simulation technology for forging forming process, forming process of typical structural parts of titanium alloy Lubrication protection technology research, die forging process database / knowledge base research and development and other aspects have achieved remarkable results.

The research results of this subject will be widely used in the research and development of large-scale, integral, fine, high-quality, low-cost, long-life die forging products, providing a key component manufacturing base for large aircraft in China.

At present, the research results of this project provide the production process guidance for the 800MN large die forging press, solve the basic technology and key technical problems of the large die forging process, and make China's near net forming technology reach the international advanced level; for the use of 800MN large die forging press manufacturing A large, high-quality, overall large die forgings lay a good foundation.