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Two key special projects such as “Deep Sea Key Technologies and Equipment”

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Recently, China's 21st Century Agenda Management Center issued the "Quality Management Regulations for the Development of Marine Instrument and Equipment" and "Ocean Instruments" in the key special process management of the national key R&D plan "Deep Sea Key Technologies and Equipment" and "Marine Environmental Safety Guarantee". Notice of the Regulations for the Management of Equipment Maritime Tests (National Science Agenda [2017] No. 4, see attachment). These two specifications, as the focus of the two key special process management of “Deep Sea Key Technologies and Equipment” and “Marine Environmental Safety Guarantee”, will help the development of marine instrumentation and promote the realization of two key special targets in the marine field.

During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, in order to strengthen the quality control of the marine instrument and equipment development process in the marine technology field of the 863 Program, and to standardize the sea trial process and evaluation procedures, the 863 Program Marine Technology Office issued and implemented the “Code for Quality Management of Marine Instrument and Equipment Development” and "Regulations on the Regulation of Maritime Tests" (Trial), and the implementation of third-party inspection and supervision systems in the management of equipment and equipment projects. Through nearly 10 years of practice, the marine instruments and equipment funded by the 863 Program have not only advanced in technology, but also greatly improved in practicality and reliability. The vast majority of marine instruments and equipment independently developed in China are only exhibits. In the era of the "Jilong" manned submersible, "Haima" unmanned remote-controlled submersibles and other series of projects that can be put into use after the project acceptance, greatly improved the technical capabilities of China's ocean exploration and resource development . In 2016, a batch of marine 863 achievements were unveiled in the national “Twelfth Five-Year” scientific and technological innovation achievement exhibition. General Secretary Xi Jinping highly praised the successful production of the 4,500-meter manned submersible spherical shell.

At present, the scientific and technological research and development concept of “implementing strict quality control” and “implementing standardized sea trials” has been deeply rooted in the marine science and technology community. The public platform provides seafarers with conditions and guarantees for sea trials. The vast number of research teams involved in the sea are realizing “offshore”. ".

Through the in-depth study of the spirit of scientific and technological reform, China's 21st Century Agenda Management Center summed up the effectiveness and experience of implementing the two norms in the marine technology field of the 863 Program since the 11th Five-Year Plan, and extensively solicited relevant project undertakers and experts' recommendations, and conducted two specifications. made improvments. In the next step, we will increase the implementation of the two norms of publicity, and contribute to the development of China's marine technology and equipment in the “13th Five-Year Plan”.